Sunday, September 25, 2011

Me Time (well, kinda...)

I haven't been as focused on Neven this week as I intended -- I've been a little distracted with my own projects. Feels amazing to get in some me-time!! 

...bananas (as good as candy!!), sweet potatoes, apples, peaches (huge, juicy, organic ones from a neighbor), apple fruit rolls. I've realized that since I got the dehydrator, Neven is a super-healthy snacker! He eats homemade yogurt and granola for breakfast most days, grilled cheese for lunch makes his "unhealthy" meal of the day, and he snacks on dried fruit almost 100% of the time. Makes me a happy mama. :) 

We took down the bi-folding wooden doors on Neven's closet and our laundry closet (where our washer and dryer are), since they were hardly ever closed anyway and just seemed to be in the way. Neven went to the fabric store with me, and picked out blue sharks (luckily for me and my OCD personality, this matches his room which already has a 'fish' theme). 
Along the sewing lines -- I've been commissioned to make a baby quilt for a mama in Santa Fe, using her son's baby blankets and onesies. Pretty excited about this!! 

For a few years now, I've been working on setting up and populating a basic database for the Birth Center in Taos. And yes, I like -- no, LOVE -- data entry. Such a black and white task. No (or at least, not much) room for interpretation. With each keystroke, you're technically making progress. Aaahhh... :)

Neven's Activities this Week

Back to it! We did many basic signs with Neven when he was around one to two years old. As he started learning to say words, signing took a back seat. We've recently re-discovered the fun of learning though talking with your hands, and have been picking out a card each day (ok, most days!) to learn. We have flashcards that I really like, but when I need to look up a word, my favorite website to use is Signing Savvy.

STACKING BLOCKS (Gross Motor Skills)
Yep, another simple activity that was entertaining for a while -- making a "castle" for the guy in blue (not Neven, the plastic guy!). 

On Saturday, Matt and I took the kids to the Albuquerque Aquarium. They both *loved* looking at the fish, especially Daria! 
We took the train to the Zoo... 
...had a picnic lunch in the park there, then headed back to the Botanical Gardens. We made it a point to not rush to see everything, and rather we tried to let Neven set the pace. It seemed to pay off -- although at the end of the day he was tuckered out, he was still a happy camper!

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