Saturday, March 16, 2013

Planned Nothing-ness

I should be in a Gardening Class right now (my sweet in-laws enrolled me in a one-day  gardening 101 class specific to Santa Fe). But I just couldn't convince myself to actually GO. I don't feel stressed or overwhelmed, in fact I'm at a very happy place in life right now. But with work and kids in preschool and our busy social life ;) ... we don't have much time anymore with NOTHING planned. There was just something in me that NEEDED a DO-NOTHING day, a day to just BE with my kids and in my HOME. Fortunately, Matt went to the class in my place, and I'm sure the information that he comes home with will be a gift in itself. 

This morning, we baked cookies. The kids helped patiently at every step - because I didn't have a timeline to meet, I could go at their speed. 

We ate cookies (and chocolate). 
I was able to stay tuned in to Daria's potty training, which is full-speed ahead. 

We did an art project for Dad. I was able to say YES to markers and YES to glue and YES to glitter! 
We played with letter magnets on the frigde (Neven wanted  to spell words like Saturn and Jupiter). 
Daria danced to the ABC Song.
I found the kids' Easter baskets (packed away in a holiday decorations box), got those out, and found stickees to decorate the windows. 

I opened the windows and let in the fresh air. 

We did another art project (at the kids' request) - magnets for family visiting tomorrow. 

I've gotten a few chores done around the house, but that wasn't my focus. There's been no  yelling, no frustrated tone from me. In fact, no squabbles between the kids either... 

We ate leftover mac-n-cheese for lunch, on the floor while we played with Daria's fairy house. Right now, we're watching a movie. 

I needed this.

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