Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Nevermind, do whatever you want..."

I've been trying to let go a little, and to not care so much about the things (rules) that don't really matter. Some examples of what I'm talking about:

  • Neven was painting with watercolors. He started mixing them all together. My OCD personality makes my whole body start to twitch a bit and I reactively start to tell him "no, no, no... don't mix all the colors together!" But then I catch myself - "Nevermind, do whatever you want!" Really, who cares (besides ME)? I bought the paints for HIM (probably just a few dollars at the store), and he's having fun experimenting. Turns out, he only mixes for a few seconds, then is done anyway! Happy kid... happy mama... and paints that can still be used. 
  • Daria was sitting outside on the front porch with Neven and me, half-chewed biscotti in hand. All is good until she starts tapping it on the ground. I grab for the biscotti, and so she gets mad and screams. I look at the biscotti in my hand - "Nevermind, do whatever you want!" A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? I had a friend once make the comment to me that sometimes, she'd rather her child eat a little dirt than chew on plastics. Interesting way to put things into perspective. 
  • Neven was playing in his cardboard box house pretty roughly. Instead of saying "stop, you're going to ruin it!" I told him "If you are too rough, you might tear the sides. But, do whatever you want!" If his idea of fun is tearing apart his box house, what's it matter? We'll get him a new one! 

Your turn - What can your child do today that you can answer "Nevermind, do whatever you want!" to? I'd love to hear your stories!!

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