Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dragon Wings

Turns out, we did get a visit from the Pumpkin Fairy. She ate all of Neven's candy, except for a box of raisins and two lollipops that she left for him. 

As a thank-you for all the great candy Neven shared with her, she left him some fancy dragon wings that she had made (here is the website she used). Neven hasn't mentioned his missing candy once, and has been happily running around the house with his dragon wings on, trying to take off! 

We've had fish before. The tank was in Neven's room, and he seemed to not notice it at all. Just another thing I had to take care of, and it became frustrating for me. A few weeks ago, I moved the tank to the dining room. And there-- it's a HUGE hit! Both Neven and Daria love it, and spend lots of time watching the fish (three guppies and two catfish) swimming around. Plus, Neven helps feed them every day. 

What we used: cartoon printout of a turkey, parts of a turkey printout, crayons, scissors, construction paper, glue, contact paper
We colored a "Happy Thanksgiving" picture of a turkey, then cut it out and pasted it to a piece of green construction paper. On the flipside, we did the same with a diagram of the part of a turkey. Then we covered it with contact paper. Simple and festive placemat... MADE! 

I'm making a blanket for a friend of mine, using her son's baby shirts and blankets (more on that in some future post). I used some of the leftover material to make an entertaining pull-box using an empty baby wipes box (similar to this idea, but using scraps of fabric instead of ribbon). Neven found an intermediate use for the fabric strips - he wanted me to tie them on him. The result looked something like a receiving-blanket-wearing ninja! 

Now something about ME... 
I did yoga today for the first time in months. If you don't count prenatal yoga, I think it may be closer to a year. I didn't even have to leave the house. I signed on to YogaToday and watched their free class of the week. Not quite as engaging as a class at a studio, but definitely better than nothing. I could literally feel blood flowing to parts of my body, rejuvenating my mind and well-being. It was FANTASTIC!!

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  1. - Did you see this?! ESPECIALLY the last part of the video.

    - Eventually I'd LOVE to get fish. Seems like so much fun for the kids to watch. SO glad to hear they're liking them much better in the dining room!!

    - LOVE your idea about the turkey placemat. Let's do something like this as a craft day for a meetup! Want to?? :) Inspiring and good to hear how quick and easy and inexpensive it was to make!

    - and YAY for you doing yoga!! I was working out for almost a month or two, and loving it, but that was over the summer. Keep meaning to get back into it, and hope to soon. Hope you continue to keep it up!!